Cyber Security


Operate at your safest.

Focused on Process Control Network

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving battle that changes as technology advances.?Cybersecurity is addressed consistently by our specialized staff.?From creating cybersecurity policy documents for control systems to performing mitigation work at multiple mission critical sites, we can help you operate safely.


  • Vulnerabilities Assessment (Partner)
    • Penetration Testing (Partner)
  • Mitigation / Remediation
    • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
      • Automated patching on non-control system servers
    • Control system patching with pre-approved patches
    • Automated anti-virus deployment
  • Maintenance
    • Backup server deployments and configuration
    • Recovery procedure verification
    • Backup and recovery policies and procedures
    • Security information and event management (SIEM) development and deployment
  • Planning and Standards Development
    • Planning and project scheduling
    • Policy and Standards Review
    • New Standards developed and applied
    • Maintenance planning and scheduling


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